Hi, I'm Paulina!

Hi there! My name is Paulina DeMaria, I’m the mother of three cute little ones, 2 boys and a girl, and have been happily married to my best friend since 2014. I first took an interest in photography in high school with an old film camera where I needed to go into a darkroom to develop my images. This challenged me to get the photo just right and I knew right away I had found my passion.

I started seeing everything from a design perspective which led me to study architecture at Ryerson University. After graduation, I worked at a couple architecture firms but I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. I missed the rush of finding that creative edge. After my first child was born something changed.

Like every mom,

I would take tons of pictures trying to capture every moment that I treasured but I noticed that being behind the camera just felt right. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to freeze moments in time, just the way I wanted to remember and treasure them. After my son’s first birthday, my husband surprised me with my first professional camera and I realized that…

I started Treasured Moments Photography and enjoyed being able to capture others precious moments. The happiness that a client would first see their photos was inspiring to me. I wanted to be able to capture those moments that they would treasure forever. This is also why I provide a customizable high end photography experience by getting to know you personally and adding a professional touch to your family’s milestones. I believe in creating artwork that can be displayed in your home or held in your hands, that every time you see it, you’re taken back to that treasured moment, reliving its happiness,  The feeling just isn’t right when it’s stored on your computer as a digital file.This is why I always offer prints in my session packages.

I specialize in

professionally creating real smiles and true emotion between families, couples and friends because, to me, photographs are magic moments. I walk all my clients through the process step-by-step; from the moment we speak to the moment we choose which pictures they want to look at forever, I give 100% of my undivided attention to you.

Thank you for choosing Treasured Moments Photography. Thank you for allowing me to share in your treasured memories. It is amazing, the number of places I’ve been and people I’ve met on the other side of the camera. After my daughter was born, I realized that, before I know it, my kids will be all grown up. So I needed to capture these moments and cherish them forever. Thank you for letting me capture your treasured moments

One of my most memorable clients

was the story of a family and their dog.  A mother contacted me because she wanted to capture some family photos and include their dog who wasn’t doing very well due to age. Her sons had moved out to attend school and she missed them. It wasn’t a special occasion but more she wanted to capture the moment her whole family would be all together for thanksgiving weekend. The session was perfect, even their old dog was running around with joy as if she was a puppy again. Two weeks later, I went to their home to help them choose their favourite images and show them some printing options. Her and her husband were having a hard time choosing which images they wanted because their dog passed away a week after the session. Making not only this session a special family moment with beautiful family portraits but I got to capture a moment in time of joy and happiness they would never experience again with their family pet. 

This is why I do what I do. To make sure you have a way to hold those memories closer to your heart and to capture those moments that bring joy every time you look at them