Secrets of Capturing the Perfect Moment

In everyone’s life story there are moments we want to forget, but there are those we will always want to remember. As a photographer, I do my best to capture the genuine emotion of the good, the bad, and the ugly because those are a part of who we are.

The Face Behind the Lens

Photography is my craft, it’s my art, my livelihood, and my passion. I put 100% of my effort into each and every photo that passes through my hands from the touch of the camera to the final print. Even though it may not seem like much from the outside, the time and effort required to create the perfect photo are substantial in the final product.

the most important part of a great photo is YOU

It sounds intense, I know, but I like to think it means to live in the moment because each emotion, each feeling passes by too quickly. You might hear parents say this all the time, that ‘kids grow up so fast’ and they do! It feels like if I blink I’ll miss something important. This fleeting feeling is what photographers work so hard to catch.

Top Photoshoot Locations
in Burlington/Halton Region

We all know that the place matters to make a photoshoot absolutely perfect. But more important than the lighting, or features, or colour in a place is the sentimental and emotional value a place has to you and your family. Before you choose a place for your photo session with me, think about why you all love that place.